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Planet of the Apes (1968) [Xvid Ita Eng mp3 Sub Eng Fra Ita Ned] [TNTvillage]

- Planet of the Apes (1968 film) -

Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
Produced by Arthur P. Jacobs
Screenplay by Michael Wilson - Rod Serling
Based on La Planète des singes by Pierre Boulle

Charlton Heston
Roddy McDowall
Kim Hunter
Maurice Evans
James Whitmore
James Daly
Linda Harrison

Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography: Leon Shamroy
Editing by Hugh S. Fowler
Studio: APJAC Productions
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Release date: February 8, 1968
Running time: 112 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

- Plot -

Astronauts Taylor (Charlton Heston), Landon (Robert Gunner), Dodge (Jeff Burton) and Stewart (an uncredited Dianne Stanley) are in deep hibernation when their spaceship crash-lands in a lake on an unknown planet, after a 2006-year voyage at near-light speed (during which the crew ages only 18 months due to time dilation). However, due to an air leak, Stewart's suspended animation equipment fails. The astronauts awaken to find Stewart's body desiccated and their ship sinking. They use an inflatable raft to reach shore. Before departing the ship, Taylor notes that the current year is 3978 A.D. Once ashore, Dodge performs a soil test and pronounces the soil incapable of sustaining life.

Scenes from the first parts of the movie were shot around Lake Powell.
Despite this, as the three astronauts set off through a desert, they gradually encounter plant life. They find an oasis at the edge of the desert and decide to go swimming, ignoring strange scarecrow-like figures. While they are swimming, their clothes are stolen. Pursuing the thieves, the astronauts find their clothes in shreds, their supplies pillaged and the perpetrators — a group of mute, primitive humans — contentedly raiding a cornfield.
Suddenly, clothed gorillas on horseback charge through the cornfield, brandishing firearms, snares, and nets, which they use to capture whatever humans they can and kill those they cannot. While fleeing, Dodge is killed, Landon is knocked unconscious, and Taylor is shot in the throat. The gorillas take Taylor to Ape City, where his life is saved by two chimpanzee scientists, animal psychologist Zira (Kim Hunter) and surgeon Galen (Wright King). Upon awakening, Taylor — now housed in a cage with a girl whom he later calls Nova (Linda Harrison) — discovers that his throat wound has rendered him mute.
Taylor discovers that the apes, who can talk, are in control and are divided into a strict caste system: the gorillas as police, military, and hunters; the orangutans as administrators, politicians, lawyers and religious clerics; and the chimpanzees as intellectuals and scientists. Humans, who cannot talk, are considered feral vermin and are hunted and either killed outright, enslaved for manual labor, or used for scientific experimentation.
Zira and her fiancé, Cornelius (Roddy McDowall), an archaeologist, take an interest in Taylor. Taylor attempts to communicate by writing in the dirt, but his writings are hidden by Nova and Cornelius's boss, an orangutan named Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans). Eventually, Taylor steals paper from Zira and uses it to write messages to her. Zira and Cornelius become convinced that Taylor is intelligent, but upon learning of this, Zaius orders that Taylor be castrated.
Taylor manages to escape and during his flight through Ape City he finds himself in a museum, where Dodge's corpse has been stuffed and put on display. Shortly thereafter, Taylor is recaptured by gorillas; finding that his throat has healed, he angrily addresses them, shouting "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!" (This quote would become one of the most famous parts of the film.) Back in his cell, Taylor is separated from Nova and the warden Julius (Buck Kartalian) sprays Taylor with water.
The apes hold a tribunal to determine Taylor's origins run by the President of the Assembly (James Whitmore), Dr. Zaius, and Dr. Maximus (Woodrow Parfrey) with Dr. Honorious (James Daly) as the prosecution. Taylor tells of his two comrades and at this point the court produces Landon, who has been subjected to a lobotomy that has rendered him catatonic.

The final scene was filmed on a stretch of beach between Malibu and Oxnard in California.
After the tribunal, Dr. Zaius privately threatens to lobotomize Taylor if he doesn't lie about where he came from. With help from Zira's socially-rebellious nephew Lucius (Lou Wagner), Zira and Cornelius free Taylor and Nova, taking them to the Forbidden Zone, a region outside of Ape City subject to an ancient taboo that has remained quarantined for centuries. A year earlier, Cornelius led an expedition into the Forbidden zone and found a cave containing artifacts of a previous non-simian civilization. The party then set out for the cave, to answer the questions Taylor has about the evolution of the Ape world and to prove he is not of their world.
Arriving at the cave, Cornelius is intercepted by Dr. Zaius and his soldiers. Zaius agrees to enter the cave, to disprove their theories and also to avoid any physical harm to Cornelius and Zira. Cornelius displays the remnants of a technologically advanced human society pre-dating simian history. Taylor identifies some of the more recent artifacts as dentures, a pair of prescription glasses, a heart valve and to the apes' astonishment, a talking children's doll.
Dr. Zaius admits that he has always known that human civilization existed long before apes ruled the planet. He explains that the Forbidden Zone was once a paradise, but man's destructive tendencies caused it to be annihilated hundreds of years earlier. Zaius agrees to exile Taylor and Nova, implying that somewhere within the zone lies something that completely reveals the truth about the vanished human civilization. Once Taylor and Nova have ridden away on horseback, Dr. Zaius has the gorillas lay explosives to seal off the cave and destroy the remaining evidence of the human society while having Zira, Cornelius and Lucius charged with heresy.
Taylor and Nova follow the shoreline and eventually discover the charred remnants of the Statue of Liberty. It is therefore revealed that this 'alien' planet is actually post-apocalyptic Earth, that the Forbidden Zone was once New York City, and human civilization has been all but wiped out by a nuclear war.


Gli astronauti Taylor, Landon e Dodge si trovano in uno stato di ibernazione quando la loro astronave precipita in un lago di un pianeta nell'anno 3978. Al loro risveglio scoprono che il quarto astronauta è morto nello spazio. Intanto la loro nave sta affondando e devono mettersi in salvo su canotti gonfiabili.
Dopo avere vagabondato per un territorio montuoso, essi scendono in una valle dove incontrano un gruppo di persone catturate da gorilla a cavallo. Uno degli astronauti è colpito da una pallottola, mentre Taylor e Landon vengono catturati. Taylor viene colpito alla gola, e questo gli impedisce di parlare con i gorilla. I prigionieri sono portati in una città di scimmie dove Taylor viene rinchiuso con un altro prigioniero, la bella Nova.
Taylor scopre così che le scimmie parlano ed hanno il controllo sugli umani, che non devono parlare e sono trattati come schiavi per esperimenti scientifici. Le scimmie sono divise in: guerrieri, simili a gorilla, politici, simili ad oranghi e scienziati, simili a scimpanzé. Successivamente Taylor scopre che Landon è stato lobotomizzato dopo che le scimmie hanno scoperto la sua capacità di parlare.
Cornelius e Zira sono scienziati che si interessano a Taylor a causa dei movimenti delle sue labbra, che sembrano parlare. In una scena Taylor scrive nella sabbia per farsi notare da Cornelius e Zira, che però non lo notano. Il Dottor Zaius vede i segni e intuisce le capacità verbali dell'uomo. Successivamente Taylor riesce a parlare con i due scienziati che decidono di difenderlo. Il Dottor Zaius infatti, dopo avere scoperto la capacità di parlare di Taylor, decide di sottoporlo ad un processo. Taylor e Nova, con l'aiuto di Cornelius e Zira riescono a fuggire nella zona proibita, dove scoprono una caverna contenete manufatti della tecnologia umana.
Zaius con un gruppo di gorilla al seguito riesce a trovare Taylor e ingaggia uno scontro. Taylor e Nova vengono lasciati fuggire a cavallo, poiché ritiene meglio per tutti se i due semplicemente scompaiano.
Taylor non ha ancora compreso perché le scimmie sono intelligenti e gli umani sono schiavi. Poco dopo la fuga però egli scopre la Statua della libertà parzialmente sepolta dalla sabbia e intuisce che si trova ancora sulla Terra ma nel futuro, e la specie umana è stata decimata da una guerra nucleare.

- Report -

- Report -

Dimensione: 1.23GB
Durata: 1:47:28

Video Codec: XviD
Video Bitrate: 1342Kbps
Risoluzione: 512x224
FPS (Frames/sec): 25
QF (Frame quality): 0.468

Audio Codec: MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s
Freq Audio: 48000Hz

Codec: XviD0041
Resolution: [ Width: 512 Height: 224 ]
Frame Rate: 25.000 frames per second
The Video has 161180 frames [ 01:47:27 ]

Average Frame quality is  MEDIUM [Average DRF/quantizer is 3.52]
Standard Deviation: Quality is MEDIUM [Std. Deviation is 1.06]
Image Resolution is MEDIUM

There are NO frame drops ( NO drops is better )

Recomended Resolution: [448x192]  (Target DRF/quantizer=2.8)
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Performance Caracteristics:
Macroblocks per frame: 448
The Width is multiple of 32

Kilobits per Second: 1305.62
Kilobits per Frame: 52.22
Kilobits per Macroblock: 0.117
Bits per Pixel: 0.47

Frame Type Statistics :
I Frames: 2.26%
P Frames: 51.21%
B Frames: 46.53%
S Frames: 0.00%
N Frames: 0.00%
(More Advanced Codecs use B and S frames)
Frame Quality Statistics :

DRF=1&2: 28144 17.9%
DRF=3:  53228 33.8%
DRF=4:  40620 25.8%
DRF=5:  32882 20.9%
DRF=6:  2397 1.5%
DRF=7:  269 0.2%
DRF=8:  0 0.0%
DRF=9:  0 0.0%
DRF>9:  0 0.0%
KeyF/DeltaF:  2.31%
KeyDRF<4: 3640
KeyDRF=4: 0
KeyDRF>4: 0

AverageKeyDRF: 2.63
AverageDRF: 3.52
Deviation: 1.06


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